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Dog Fence System and Remote Trainer in One Wireless DF113R Out of View Boundary Fence System

Original price was: $428.00.Current price is: $395.60.

  • This 2 in one product will help you train and keep your dog safely contained from harms way.
  • Your dogs will be able to enjoy a free range yard with out of site boundary’s.
  • You will be able to have piece of mind knowing your dog is happy has boundaries and is safe from wandering.
  • Trains up to 3 dogs on the trainer remote at one time.
  • Long range training remote working up to 1200m in open field.
  • Rechargeable Transmitter and Receive collar.
  • Boundary system will contain as many dog that have the boundary and trainer receive on in that boundary area.
  • Comes with Warranty
  • Comes with one remote and one receiver collar.
  • Extra Receiver collars are available for purchase if you have more than one dog.
  • Both the transmitter and the receiver charge quite rapidly advisable to charge for 2 hours at a time and for **8-10 hours before first use**
  • Both can be charged at the same time and have the same adapter point.
  • Fence mode Charge 10-12 Days
  • Remote and Fence mode 75-80 hours

In stock


  • Combination of the Boundary Fence System and Remote Training System
  • 1200m Remote Range +  Acres of Boundary coverage
  • Beep warning with 3 levels of shock system
  • Rechargeable and fully waterproof receiver and remote
  • Trains up to 3 dogs at one time
  • Boundary contains as many dogs, that are wearing the collar.
  • Long range up to 2000m in open field
  • Highlight LED Function
  • The 1st dog receive collar is WHITE  LED
  • The 2nd dog receive collar is RED LED
  • The 3rd dog receive collar is GREEN LED
  • 10 Levels of Vibration
  • 10 Levels of Static Shock
  • This product uses low level ECT
  • LCD display for shock and Vibrate levels and dog Id ( 3 different colour collars)
  • Rechargeable Transmitter and Receive collar
  • Waterproof collar, dog is able to swim
  • USB charging cable

Box contains

  • Remote Transmitter
  • Collar strap
  • Remote safety strap
  • Receiver Collar
  • Fences Transmitter
  • 150m Boundary Wire
  • Boundary flags
  • Boundary wire connectors
  • Resister
  • Test Light
  • Spanner
  • Long Prongs
  • AC/DC Power adapter USB port
  • Operating Guide
  • AC/DC Power adaptor for transmitter
  • USB power adapter cable double charger

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