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Digital Electric Fence Tester


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Easy to carry and ideal for Electric Fence Testing for Farmers. Take the frustrating hard work out of finding your fence fault.


  • Used for measuring fence line and fence charger voltage.
  • Combines digital accuracy with ease and convenience.
  • Simple, one-touch operation.
  • Measures voltage on any metal wire, poly wire/rope or poly tape.
  • Rugged, easy-to-carry, pocket-sized case made of ABS plastic.
  • Digital accuracy from 500 to 9,900 volts. Large, easy-to-read LCD display. 9 volt battery operation (battery included).
  • Automatic on/off to prolong battery life







1. Accurate Three Digit Read Out from 0 to 10KV
2. Measures Voltage on Any Type of Wire
3. Back Lit Display- Visible Readings Night and Day
4. Rugged Pocket-Size Case Made of ABS Plastic

  • Fence Volt/Current meter
  • With a fault finding function
  • 176 grams
  • Size 16.2 x 7.3 x 2.8 cm
  • LED light for night finding


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